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Laser welding in sheet metal processing

Our laser welding devices and laser cutting machines yield outstanding seams and smooth cutting edges when processing sheet metal. Sheet metal manufacturing generally deals with items that must be produced quickly and cost-efficiently while still providing high quality.

Manufacturing techniques using lasers for sheet metal processing allow you to produce economically even at batch size 1, without material distortion or tedious rework on workpieces. We make laser systems for sheet metal processing that enable you to precisely, quickly, cost-efficiently, and above all flexibly complete the job.

Shorter setup times for laser sheet metal processing

Compared to other thermal joining methods, one of the major advantages of pulsed laser welding for sheet metal processing is the low heat input. This minimizes distortion and no subsequent straightening is required. The visible seams look outstanding. Tedious rework – particularly with stainless steel – is not required with laser welding.

The low heat input of our laser machines allows you to weld very thin panels. Even different sheet thicknesses can be effortlessly fused. Gap dimensions up to 0.5 mm can be bridged without welding filler.

We offer laser devices for sheet metal processing matched to your production environment – from painstaking welding jobs through to high-precision laser cutting. The closed ALV laser system is used for the stationary laser welding of small parts, micro welding, and many other applications of sheet metal processing with lasers. Very large sheet metal workpieces are welded with the ALW, which is a laser-safe workplace that doesn't require any additional safety measures in the production environment. Another alternative is the open and mobile laser welding device ALFlak.