ALO Laser Welder

If you want to weld long or bulky parts quickly, manually and flexibly, if you are looking for a simple load and want to work in the shielded laser safety area, the ALO is the ideal device for you.


Product Description

The working chamber can be loaded via various, laser-safe openings: Through lateral slots you can position longer components in the processing room and then weld them in a laser-safe manner. Another passage at the bottom of the working chamber also allows loading from below. At the front, a large opening ensures easy access to the spacious welding chamber. The laser-proof leather curtain offers laser protection so that the ALO can be safely placed in any work environment.

The armrest is extremely comfortable – thus ensuring relaxed work. Again, much attention has been paid to a good ergonomics.

The manual welding laser can be equipped with a cooling connection and a micro welding device. A rotation axis can also be operated with the laser.

In the ALO 120 micro, the working chamber also has a t-slot for the fast inserting of long components, such as cables and sensors. A micromanipulator* ensures the micrometer-accurate positioning of the components and the control for the pneumatic rotary axis* is already integrated. The LED beam deflection unit provides a good illumination of the work area and the lens with focus adjustment a comfortable and fast setting of the correct focus position. *(option)

With the ALO 100 you have 100 W output power and 25 Hz pulse frequency available and with the ALO 120 even 120 W and 50 Hz, so you can use this model additionally for laser polishing.

Who would this laser system suit?

Manufacturers of sensors and micro components, for goldsmiths and dental laboratories and for anyone who wants to weld and polish small components manually quickly and easily.