Maxphotonics X1w-1500

The one and only Truly Portable System

X1w-1500 is 100% developed by Maxphotonics with 18 years of experience in laser industry. It weighs only 39kg and the volume is <0.1m³.


Product Description

This system is currently the lightest and smallest handheld laser welding machine in the world. The feeder cable can be placed in the cable reel to make the machine more compact to be stored or transported. Thanks to the light weight and our unique cable sleeve looking mechanism, the feeder cable can be used to pull the machine to move around in the working area, which makes it more convenient to use during operations.

Excellent welding performance, energy saving and environment friendly

  • Up to 4 times faster than traditional welding methods – greatly improves production efficiency and reduces overall operational cost.
  • State of the art laser control system brings high beam stability, consistent and neat welding seam, improved welding strength and minimum deformation.
  • Cooling system adopts phase change heat conduction technology with powerful self-adaptive fans, which ensures long-term stability.