Workstation Professional

The Workstation Professional is an incredibly versatile protective housing that has been designed to satisfy a wide range of requirements.


Product Description

The Workstation Professional can be combined with any ACI laser system. This means that it is suitable for working with materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, films and glass. Typically, this system is used for large-scale production as well as large and heavy components.

It is a laser safety class 1 solution and therefore does not require any additional safety devices. This makes the Workstation Professional an attractive alternative to conventional marking technologies, even for small companies.

The capacious interior is easy to access and has a large T-slot table. This table has a mounting surface of 600 x 600 mm and can be loaded with parts up to a weight of 100 kg. A Z-axis portal enables the laser to travel 400 mm along the Z-axis, which is perfect for large and heavy workpieces. A focus finder helps to find the correct Z-axis position in no time at all. The system is also ideal for marking many small parts. An X-axis and an optional Y-axis table increase the total area available for marking to 350 x 510 mm, with the result that even parts in pallets can be marked in a single operation in the Workstation Professional. The laser travels the entire marking area in a single pass.

A comprehensive range of accessories allows a wide variety of marking jobs to be accomplished. For instance, there are axes of rotation for uniform marking around the perimeter of workpieces, film handling systems with winding and unwinding devices for marking film labels, type plate handling systems for the automated marking of type plates, and an XL package that provides even more space for customising your solutions. In addition, the Workstation Professional – like all of ACI’s laser stations – can be customised to fulfil the customer’s specific requirements.

The laser system is controlled using our proprietary Magic Mark marking software. This software enables workpieces to be marked with text, graphics, codes (data matrix codes, barcodes), serial numbers and logos. It can also be used to achieve uniform markings around the perimeter of workpieces with rotational symmetry. An intelligent user privilege management system facilitates the creation of different user groups. This way, the laser system can be adjusted to cater for the user’s specific requirements. When using the laser system in automated production lines, fully automated operation – including data exchange with various data sources – can be achieved without any difficulties. Optionally, plugins such as the code or script module can be used to add extra functions to the Magic Mark software.

Compatible Lasers
COTwo Marker
DPL Lexis Marker
DPL Nobilis Marker
DPL Genesis Marker
DPL Magic Marker
DPL Nexus Marker
DPL Smart Marker
DFL Ventus Marker
DPL Magic Trimmer
DFL Brevis Marker
DFL Ventus Trimmer

Compatible Accessories
Tool reader
Software connections
Axis solutions
Laser extraction systems
Laser safety
Magic Mark
AOI plugin
Contour Tool
Data Import plugin
OCR Plugin
Ruler Scale plugin
Z Segmentation plugin