DPL Nexus Marker

Lasers from ACI’s Business Diode IR series are talented all-rounders. Their superior energy efficiency and beam quality make them a good option for marking anything from individual parts to large batches. These systems are typically employed in manual workstations for marking entire pallets of workpieces, and they can also be used in automated lines. The DPL Nexus Marker is a 12-watt system.


Product Description

The excellent beam quality enables neat, precise marking on metals, plastics and ceramics. There are different power outputs from which you can choose, depending on the application and the time available for the marking process. All Nd:YAG lasers feature a thermoelectric air cooler. This enables the system to run for longer without the need for laborious maintenance work.

This system is a laser safety class 4 solution. To upgrade the system to laser safety class 1, all ACI’s laser systems can be purchased in conjunction with various protective casings. This means that these laser systems can be used either as manual workstations or as integration components in an automated system.

The laser system is controlled using our proprietary Magic Mark marking software. This software enables workpieces to be marked with text, graphics, codes (data matrix codes, barcodes), serial numbers and logos. It can also be used to achieve uniform markings around the perimeter of workpieces with rotational symmetry. An intelligent user privilege management system facilitates the creation of different user groups. This way, the laser system can be adjusted to cater for the user’s specific requirements. When using the laser system in automated production lines, fully automated operation – including data exchange with various data sources – can be achieved without any difficulties. Optionally, plugins such as the code or script module can be used to add extra functions to the Magic Mark software.

Compatible Manual Workstations
Workstation Classic
Workstation Comfort
Workstation Professional
Robot-assisted laser station
Rotary indexing table
Workstation Professional XXL

Compatible Accessories
Fixed-mount reader
Tool reader
Software connections
Laser extraction systems
Laser safety
Magic Mark
AOI plugin
Contour Tool
Data Import plugin
FoilStar plugin
OCR Plugin
Ruler Scale plugin