Laser Welding and Hardening

Laser beam welding is a welding technique used to join pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a laser. Laser hardening is a heat treating process used to improve the strength and durability of component surfaces.

The Advantages of Laser Deposit Welding with Wire or Powder

Ideal for repairs on camshafts and crankshafts, compressor rotors, turbine rotors, welding work on gears, rollers, and housing parts, or for salvaging run-in guides and thread surfaces, producing special parts, or for re-working cavities.

  • The properties of the base material are retained (there is no coarse grain formation due to the small heat-affected zone and dilution in the joint, and therefore also no hardening).
  • Thermal pre-treatment is usually not required.
  • Only the damaged area is repaired, removal is often not required.
  • Maintenance can be performed on site.
  • By selecting the right filler material, it is possible to achieve mending that is similar to the basic material.

Advantages of Laser Hardening

Laser hardening is a very fast and inexpensive process for marginalized layer hardening, as it allows partial hardening of stressed functional surfaces, e.g., on gears, turbines, drills, and rotors. The achievable hardness is determined by the carbon content in the base material. Hardening paths can be drawn on: cutting edges, bending radii, guide rails, grooves, and free-form surfaces.

  • Self-quenching causes rapid cooling. No additional cooling medium required.
  • Low-distortion process, as the workpiece does not require pre-heating.
  • Significant time savings compared to conventional hardening methods.
  • The workpiece is not dry-hardened, but instead maintains adequate ductility in the core.
  • Hardening of series and small parts is possible.

Handheld Laser Welding Machine

- Up to 4x Efficiency- Truly Portable- Environment Friendly

X1w-1500 is 100% developed by Maxphotonics with 18 years of experience in laser industry. It weighs only 39kg and the volume is <0.1m³. It is currently the lightest and smallest handlheld laser welding machine in the world.

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