AL Flak

The flash-lamp pumped laser variant is recommend for users who need high peak pulse power.


Product Description

Extremely flexible in the selection of laser sources and laser power and virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of laser welding applications

The ALFlak is an extremely robust laser welding device with a high laser power and large reach.

The well-thought-out movement mechanism and the projecting laser arm allow you to comfortably work on large components – manually or programmed. The slim laser arm can even reach into deep and unwieldy molds. Uninterrupted welding seams of up to 500 mm in length can be achieved.

This saves time, as constant repositioning is not necessary. To work even more comfortably, you can also install automatic wire feeding (LAFet). The ALFlak is available with a self-propelled caterpillar track or as a manually moving version. The caterpillar track gives the laser system easy manoeuvrability. The device is positioned with centimetre accuracy via two independent travel switches. Find out for yourself how movable the ALFlak is: