LS series – Manual deburring, polishing and edge rounding

Large surface grinding, deburring and polishing machine. The standard working table is 850 x 2500 mm. The maximum length can be up to 7000 mm. The machine can have a grinding head, polishing mop or edge rounding-deburring head.

Product Description

  • Polishing
  • Deburring

Polishing: The machine can have up to 3 aggregates or heads. Every head can have his own polishing mop to do its own operation, pre-polishing, polishing and high gloss polishing. The mops can have a diameter up to 300 mm and 100 mm wide. The mop speed is up to 30 m/sec.

The LS can be fitted up to 3 heads. Two heads can always be parked out of the working surface. This means we can optimally use the working surface.

Used to grind surfaces and seams. The aggregate has a belt width of 70 mm and a belt length of 1900 mm. A motor power of 3 KW make sure you have enough power to do the job. A dust extraction can be connected to the grinding head.