TBO series – Double-sided finishing machine

Reduce your production time. Finishing or graining of flat bar stock and rectangular tubing. Grinding top and bottom in one pass. Suitable for processing copper, aluminium, stainless steel, steel, etc.

Product Description

  • Finishing – straight grain finish
  • Controlled roughness
  • Deburring

The TBO300 has a grinding belt width of 300 mm. The belt length is 300 mm. Every belt has an automatic belt tracking. This VG oscillation system controls the track of the grinding belt. The tracking system is pneumatically electronic. The tensioning of the grinding belt is pneumatically. This makes it very easy to do a belt change also for the belts on the bottom side.

Finishing and removing the vertical burr. This is the fastest way to give a nice finish to rectangular tubes, flat bars. Other profiles can be machined when they have 2 parallel sides that gives enough support that the profile can be fed through.

Conveyor belt
The standard conveyor belt is with a structured top layer also called supergrip belt. The small studs give the supergrip quality to the conveyor belt. Because of the limited compressibility of the belt we can compensate the differences in part thicknesses.

For some applications we need a flat conveyor belt for example thin sheet metal strips and other. The conveyor belt speed for the top grinding aggregates and bottom grinding aggregates are synchronized.

Constant pass line
The machine has a constant pass line. This makes it easy to have, add-on like roller tables, conveyor belts, systems to return, components to the operator, etc.