ST series – Vertical belt grinder

This vertical grinding machine is available in 3 different belt widths. The ST is versatile for many grinding applications, grinding edges, cleaning edges, grinding welding seams, deburring, bevel grinding, etc. With the right grit you can also give a finish on edges. Because of the robust way it is build the machine can also be used for heavy grinding work.

Product Description

  • Finishing – straight grain finish

The ST is available in 3 widths 200, 300 and 650 mm. The belt length is 3000 mm. Because of the belt length the ST is suitable for heavy duty grinding jobs. The belt can cool down and that results in a long belt life time.

Grinding range
The opening in the frame is 350 mm. To protect the operator we can adjust the polycarbonate cover along the opening required. Because of the transparant cover we always have a good view on the part that we want to process.

Work table top
In front of the grinding belt we have a nice work table. We have a good support of the part that you want to process. The direction of the grinding belt is towards the table. The part is always pushed against the table and not lifted while grinding. This makes it safer to work with the machine.

Dust extraction
On the bottom of the machine we collect the grinding dust.