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Casting Repair – Laser Welding Saves Resources

Pores, cavities, leaks, or cracks – these are common defects in metal castings, requiring the finished part to be melted. Laser welding is a proven, cost-effective, and quick solution for resource-efficient repairs.

This is how quickly a casting can be repaired with a laser: The size of the defect is localized and deeper cavities are made accessible. Next, the area is welded with the laser and welding filler. Finally, the weld is finished and surface-treated.

This repair process often takes less than 10 minutes, depending on the size and geometry of the casting.

Laser repairs are not only fast, but also entail no loss of quality as the defect is often no longer identifiable.

And the repairs are nearly distortion-free thanks to the very small heat-affected zone. Using filler materials of the same type ensures that the surface resistance is the same.

Cast Repair

Benefits at a glance:

  • Cost and resource saving, as the casting can be reused
  • Quick and easy due to shorter setup times and straightforward operation of the laser
  • Distortion-free repair, thus preventing re-work
  • Reduction of safety stock
  • Optimized and predictable delivery capability