C 150 – Grinder for profiles, strips and small sheet parts

A wonderful machine to process small components, rectangular tubes and flat metal bars. Suitable for a big range of materials: stainless steel, mild steels, aluminium, copper, brass and others.

Product Description

  • Edge rounding
  • Laser oxide removal
  • Heavy slag removal
  • Finishing – straight grain finish
  • Controlled roughness
  • Deburring

The C150 has a grinding belt width of 150 mm. On the machine we have the VG adjusting system to keep the belt on track. We do not need an oscillating system. This will result in a nice, clean and smooth grain finish. A grinding belt change is quick and easy. In this way we can make a change from a deburring belt to a finishing belt.

A wide range of applications
Deburring, edge rounding, slag removal, grinding or graining. All these applications can be done on a wide range of materials. The component scan be cutted by a laser, plasma, waterjet or punched.

Top brush heads
The top brushes are mainly made for edge rounding. With one brush we already have a nice radius. With 2 brushes we have a uniform radius. A nice radius on the outside and on the inside contour of a component. The brushes are easily adjustable in height. This along the wear of the brushes. The required radius is also adjustable.

Cylindrical brush or barrel brush
As a last aggregate we can have a barrel brush. The purpose is to give a nice, smooth finish to the part. The brush that is commonly used fort his application is an abrasive non-woven brush. These are also known as scotchbrite or falcon brush. As a result we get a nice, smooth and tight finish.

Holding small cutted components on the conveyor belt
We have 3 methods to hold small components on the conveyor belt:

  1. Vacuum table: this is the most versatile way. We can hold small ferro and non-ferro parts.
  2. Magnetic table: this is the most efficient way to hold small steel parts. The magnetic table is used to hold small parts when we want to remove oxide.
  3. Non-slip: the standard conveyor belt has already a high grip. This is due to the special material used to fabricate the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt
The conveyor belt is heat, spark and oil resistant. Because of the high grip the components will be stable during processing.

Constant pass line
On the C150 we are moving the heads. This is more complex in design but also gives so much advantages. The machine can be loaded with higher work piece weight and will maintain its precision. With a constant pass line it is easier to put the machine inline with other machines, conveyor belts, systems to return the component and roller tables.