Our entry-level laser system for laser welding.

The AL-IN is a robust and extremely flexible laser system for laser welding of small and large parts.


Product Description

AL-IN – a versatile laser welding system for laser deposit welding

ALPHA LASER is presenting the new AL-IN laser welding device for the first time at this year’s Fakuma.
This laser system is extremely flexible, versatile and can be retrofitted. It offers a range of laser power and is equally suitable for small and large components.

The AL-IN is completed by practical storage trays for welding utensils.

A lot of flexibility in processing and placing the components and moulds

A wide variety of work tables can be placed in front of the lifting column, or welding can be carried out on the pallet. The X, Y, Z movement system is controlled via a joystick, the touch display or the AL-DRIVE control unit. The angle of the touch display is adjustable, and it can even be taken out of the holder completely to position it directly on the workpiece.

Since the resonator can be swiveled 360 ° and fixed in any position, you can work in front of, next to or behind the movement system. In addition, the resonator, which sits in a slide rail, can be pulled far forward or, equipped with a tilting joint, moved up or down.

Laser power selectable

The AL-IN is available with different laser powers – depending on the material to be processed and the size of the component 120, 150, 200 and 300 W is offered.

Several apps make welding tasks easier:

There is a user coordinate system for the simple welding of inclined planes. In addition, the AL-IN offers an app for surfaces and axially symmetrical components

The automatic wire deposit welding with the wire feeder AL-DV is also controlled via the app.