Mistral Aqua Filter – Wet dust extraction

The VG extractor system is a wet method collecting system. We do not only collect dust but we also do it in a safe way. The dust laden air is drawn through a sump of water. As a pioneer of this dust extractor system we can say it is the most sufficient and safe way to have clean air.

Product Description

  • Dust extraction


  • Maintenance friendly
  • No loss of capacity (we do not use filters)
  • Because of the water sump we are eliminating all fire hazards
  • Also suitable for aluminium dust
  • Stainless steel body


  • Silencer for a quiet and safe work environment
  • Water float level with a manual controlled valve

As an option

  • Electrical cabinet to make connection between a grinding machine and the dust collector or to start up independently
  • Automatic valve controlled by water float level