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InfraLaser is dedicated to advancing laser welding technology across all manufacturing sectors, while maintaining the best systems on the market. We have the best and brightest team to assist you in using the laser systems effectively.

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Laser beam welding is a welding technique used to join pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a laser. Laser hardening is a heat treating process used to improve the strength and durability of component surfaces.

Hand-held laser welding is for the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts. It can realise welding forms such as spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding and sealing welding.

Metal 3D Printing is a laser-based technology that uses powdered metals. Similar to Laser Sintering, a high-powered laser selectively binds together particles on the powder bed while the machine distributes even layers of metallic powder.

Edge rounding (also known as edge radiusing) is the process of removing the vertical burrs, nibble marks, or scallops on the holes and edges of a deburred metal part.

Laser marking is the process of permanently marking a surface using a focused beam of light. It can be performed using different types of lasers, including fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, pulsed lasers, and continuous lasers.

Handheld Laser Welding Machine

- Up to 4x Efficiency- Truly Portable- Environment Friendly

X1w-1500 is 100% developed by Maxphotonics with 18 years of experience in laser industry. It weighs only 39kg and the volume is <0.1m³. It is currently the lightest and smallest handlheld laser welding machine in the world.

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