The FoilStar is designed for producing high-quality, permanent laser markings on special films and labels in cases where it is not possible to mark the material directly using a laser beam.


Product Description

Unlike conventional printing methods like pad printing and thermal transfer printing, there is no limit on the size and shape of the labels. Any 2D contour that you care to think of is possible. Laser-marked labels are resistant to the effects of temperature, abrasive wear, chemicals and atmospheric influences. Colours and writing do not smudge or fade. The strong adhesion of the special films provides excellent protection against warranty fraud and counterfeiting. Additionally, predetermined breaking points ensure that the labels cannot be completely removed and will tear if an attempt is made to remove them. The FoilStar is suitable for large-scale production and large batch sizes.

The laser system is controlled using our proprietary Magic Mark marking software. This software enables workpieces to be marked with text, graphics, codes (data matrix codes, barcodes), serial numbers and logos. It can also be used to achieve uniform markings around the perimeter of workpieces with rotational symmetry. An intelligent user privilege management system facilitates the creation of different user groups. This way, the laser system can be adjusted to cater for the user’s specific requirements. When using the laser system in automated production lines, fully automated operation – including data exchange with various data sources – can be achieved without any difficulties. Optionally, plugins such as the code or script module can be used to add extra functions to the Magic Mark software.

Features and optional accessories

  • External winding device that can take film rolls with a diameter of up to 300 mm if required
  • Continuous mode/use of a continuous web of material or label mode/use of precut labels from the roll
  • Forward and backward feed
  • Cutting blade included as standard for cutting off finished label sets
  • Optional: External winding device to pick the material back up once it has been marked
  • User-friendly, intuitive Magic Mark marking software, with optional plugins for added functionality
  • Semi-automated or fully automated operation: In addition to fixed layouts, a special software module allows customised marking content to be imported
    from Excel or XML tables, etc.
  • Hardware and software are customisable
  • Exhaust system
  • Laser extraction system incl. control line and suction hose (choose from options)
  • Desktop or industrial PC, depending on requirements

By strategically configuring the parameters, the laser beam is able to ablate extremely thin top colour layers on the film to reveal the contrasting colour layer underneath. In a second step, the finished film can be severed using the integrated cutting blade. Once it has been finished, the label can be removed from the backing and affixed to the workpiece.

Films and label
Laser films are an alternative for materials that are difficult or impossible to mark directly. Ablation films developed specifically for laser marking consist of multiple layers: A base layer, a film with adhesive layer, a contrast colour layer and a top colour layer. The laser beam initially removes the top colour layer, revealing the contrast colour layer underneath. In a second step, the laser system can cut through the entire film. This enables any possible 2D image to be reproduced as a label. The completed label can be effortlessly separated from the base layer following processing.

Colour change films, unlike ablation films, have a transparent laminate layer. This prevents gases and dust leaking out during the marking process. The marking is created under the laminate layer and can feature just as much contrast as ablation films.

Laser films are used on a huge scale as information media suitable for industrial applications. They have become indispensable for the vehicle industry in particular. Due to the huge quantities used, it was necessary to develop a process enabling these films to be marked with high contrast in short cycle times.

Controlling the FoilStar using Foil Manager
The film transportation and marking processes are controlled using the Foil Manager software included with FoilStar. Two versions of Foil Manager are available:

  1. One for semi-automated operation with user-friendly software
  2. One for fully automated operation that can be tailored to the customer’s requirements

Semi-automated operation

  • User-friendly Foil Manager software for controlling and processing marking templates
  • The number of labels on a predefined length of film can be configured, as can the total number of labels
  • Can be used by qualified personnel who have already been familiarised with the system without the need for additional training
  • Predefined templates can be loaded and the marking process can be initiated with a single mouse click

Fully automated operation

  • Foil Manager is available as an optional software module (plugin)
  • Control and status indicator integrated directly into Magic Mark V3
  • Customer-specific instructions can be incorporated into the Magic Mark script
  • Different labels can be processed in batch mode (family sheets)

Compatible Accessories
Tool reader
Software connections
Laser extraction systems
Laser safety
Magic Mark
Contour Tool
Data Import plugin
FoilStar plugin
OCR Plugin
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