The AL-ARM laser system enables quick and flexible vehicle body repairs on pores, bleed-throughs, and offset seams. In molding, you can weld directly in the press or milling tool – without any setup time.


Product Description

The AL-ARM is different:

With this welding laser, the welding process is monitored through 3D visualization instead of customary microscope attachments. This is realized via (pass-through) 3D laser protection goggles, which allow you to keep an eye on the environment and the welding task at the same time. The welding area is augmented and the process-relevant data, such as the cross-hairs, are displayed directly.

This laser system has no resonator, but instead a handset with automated wire feeding for wire thicknesses up to 0.6 mm. The wire is fed automatically. The handset weighs only 1.5 kg and is connected to the supply unit via a 3.5 m long energy chain.

It is easy to handle and very flexible during operation. The welding seam width can be variably adjusted during the welding process.

A lot of emphasis was placed on safety: Integrated workpiece detection ensures that welding is only allowed when the handset touches the workpiece. This prevents uncontrolled laser radiation emissions. The safety concept verified by TÜV for compliance with the high safety requirements for performance level d is included.