Mobile Laser system with long range


Product Description

Overhauling large molds requires special solutions. The most common laser systems can usually not reach inside the mold. This is where the ALFlak MAX shines. The highly movable arm of this mobile welding laser can be extended to 2.8 m. The highest working point is 2 m and the deepest is 80 cm. This means even hard-to-reach areas can be accessed.

A laser head which can be rotated left and right, the optional turn and tilt objective, and focusing lenses with various focal distances ensure that the laser beam can reach (almost) any point of the work-piece without requiring arduous movements.

With laser power up to 300 W, homogeneous welding results are quickly achieved.

The system is available in two variants: Either with a caterpillar track for convenient moving and positioning, or with a substructure for pallet truck transport.

We recommend the ALFlak MAX for quick repairs on pressing tools, large molds, and machine components.